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I hung a bunch of paintings yesterday. I hung the two Harriet watercolors over the couch, along with the very tall Grammy painting I have, and then I hung the other large Grammy painting (the landscape) on the same wall on the other side of the lamp.

Grammy, my great-grandmother, was a painter. She died a few years ago at the age of 103. She painted lots and lots of wonderful pictures, mostly of native american pottery and landscapes in the southwest -- I think the landscape I have is the Taos pueblo, have to ask my mom -- but also have an owl painted on a rugged piece of barn wood.

While I was at it, I took the paintings outside and took pictures of them. One of my relatives is working on an online gallery of Grammy's work, and I've been meaning to send him pictures of the ones I have for a while now.

I have a bunch of small pictures I need to photograph, too, but I need to fix the frames on most of them before I can take pictures of them. They're in these deep box frames, and will be too much in shadow until I glue them back in place. So I need to remember to go to the store and get glue today.

I also need to get some webhosting or something so I can put images with these posts...

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