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So kung_fu_monkey had this thing (one might even say an episode) on Friday where, after walking across campus, he was getting a salad at the cafeteria in the student union when his heart began to race, there was this terrible throbbing pain, and he basically collapsed to the floor in agony. He was mostly okay a few minutes later, but nonetheless: alarming.

I heard about this in the form of an email a little while later that went something along the lines of "Hey, I was walking across the campus and I had to sit down for a few minutes because my heart rate was really high."

As you might guess, there was some glaring when Greg & I heard the full extent of the story this weekend, and this morning a certain someone went to the doctor to get checked out. (I admit, I may have exaggerated a smidge for dramatic effect here, but there were stern finger-waggings on the subject of downplaying any future such events, let me tell you.)

Innyhoo, there were several rounds of "tell me what happened while I take your blood pressure", and then Monkey got an EKG. Happily, there was no evidence of anything wrong, and the doctor thinks it was just one of those 'perfect storm' things where a bunch of little factors (exercise, hot outside, no breakfast, etc.) all aligned just perfectly to generate some kind of cardiac adrenaline spaz-out thing. Just a random fluke occurrence, no big deal. (You can read the other theories about it here. We were also considering the "preemptive salad super-allergy" theory, but since he ate a salad at lunch today, that one has been shot down.)

So the upshot is that everything is fine, and more importantly, we discovered they no longer use those little conductive-gel-covered suction cups for EKGs. Instead, they now have these clever little one-shot adhesive tabs that the nurse peels off a sheet of paper, sticks to your chest, and clips a wire to. Isn't that cool?

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