Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Grr. Argh.

Tomorrow I'm going to take the car down to where we bought it, which is really inconveniently far away (down in Lakewood), because the stupid extended warranty I got specifies that we have to take it there if we're within 40 miles. This is really annoying.

I just spent the better part of a couple hours looking for the damn extended warranty, which I cannot find. (That includes driving back to work to see if it was on my desk.) I remember exactly what it looks like, and I know that I had it just a couple weeks ago because I took it with me to the VW dealer near work, which is when I found out about the stupid 40-miles rule in it. And yet, I cannot find it. This is double-super-extra annoying.

Put that on top of my annoyance at dealing with more of the installation phase of migrating to my new computer today (I have yet to successfully install an RPM for any of the software I want, but the whole ./configure-make-make-install approach works just fine, and isn't that exactly what the whole RPM nonsense was supposed to solve in the first place? Stupid computers.) and my annoyance compounded into near-homicidal fury.

But then I looked at cute critters on cuteoverload and icanhascheezburger and was snuggled by my monkey, and now it's all okay again.

Though if I found something evil, I would still be in the mood to kick it to death. I sure hope they have a copy of my extended warrany info on file, or I may be forced to throw a conniption.

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