Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Our email server is down, so while I wait for it to come back up, a weekend summary:

Saturday I went to my friend Mike's graduation party. We went to high school together, and he has finally graduated from Mines with his bachelor's in metallurgical engineering. (There were some interruptions to his undergraduate career...) Hooray!

I brought along my high school yearbooks, because I wanted to threaten to show old pictures of him, but this plan fell through because there are also old pictures of me in those books. As Mike put it, "Nobody sees my old pictures, and you get to leave with both legs intact! It's win-win!" (Despite the threatened leg-breaking, it was really all about the old pix of me.) I waxed nostalgic with the books for a few minutes in my car. What really struck me looking at them was how very '80s all the clothes and hairstyles were. Memory always erases all the details of extreme fashion. And how young 18 is.

Anyway, good times hanging out and catching up, tasty barbecue, and then I headed home long enough to grab things for D&D. We discovered much new wackiness (apparently our characters can become undead at will, which comes in handy when recovering dead bodies from the seafloor to give them a proper burial so their ghosts will stop haunting the shop), and then, at the end of the episode: kraken attack. So plenty of tentacular goodness next time.

Oh, and I should mention that Greg went out and bought me new issues of Astro City on Saturday. Squee! I read the interstitial issue yesterday, and this morning I was going to read the first arc of four and save the other three until I got the fourth issue in the second arc, but I was unable to do so, and now I am left on a HUGE cliffhanger.

I gave my mom tech support for Mother's Day. I was just about to call her to say hi when she called me to ask how to fix a very strange thing her desktop was doing. I decided to give Fog Creek copilot a try, and lo and behold, it was FREE for use on Mother's Day! And I can tell you that it was a very clever marketing strategy, because I was impressed enough with it that I will likely pay to use it in the future, and here I am giving it word-of-mouth advertising, too. Anyway, we spent a while at that, and didn't quite get it fixed, but got far enough that Mom was able to solve it a little bit later.

Then Jerry and I went off to Best Buy to get the laptop replacement! The old one had had enough problems that they finally did a full junkout under the extended service agreement and gave us a new one. We switched the new service agreement (which will pay for itself in replacement batteries, if nothing else) over to my name, since Jerry has a new lappy, and now I have a shiny new machine. It's a step up, and I think it'll be nice. It has Vista installed, which is slightly ew, but I'm making it behave. I had forgotten how much work it is to get a new computer set up, though.

For Movie Night, we watched Mildred Pearce, which some people say is melodrama and some say is noir, but either way was enjoyable. Full of people being awful -- there's a moment when one of the characters slaps another and we all shouted "Again, again!" I also realized that Keith's wife Ellen looks a LOT like Joan Crawford in her prime. Greg made tasty tasty gyoza, Sara brought wonderful quiche, and Mel baked fantastic rhubarb cake. I think this potluck thing could work out well.

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