Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I really hate it when they close the checkstands at the grocery store and make you take an entire cart through the self-scan. Grump!

I ran the hurricane game for Sandy's class down at DU yesterday. They did quite well, I think, which was to be expected, since it's a class on sustainability, and I now have a new metric for whether a the players did well or not: the fewer issues there are for me to talk about at the end, the better they did.

I'm playing through Final Fantasy Tactics Advance again. I played a bunch before, and never finished, for two reasons: one, I was using an old GBA, with no backlight, which made it very hard to see, and two, I missed a bunch of stuff without being aware that I missed it, which made me annoyed. This time through, I'm using an SP (so much nicer!), and I read FAQs beforehand so that I knew what the requirements were for all the various seekrit things and was able to decide which of them I was bothering with and which I wasn't.

Confession time: I, uh, I have a spreadsheet that helps me keep track of character advancement. It has graphs, even. I had to learn an entire new set of excel functions (database stuff) to get it to do what I want!

It's terminally geeky, I know, but what can I say? It scratches my completionist itch.

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