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Gaming update

Gaming stuff behind the cut.

Did I mention that we had a farewell session of Over the Edge for Dan on Wednesday? I think a steady diet of OtE would make my brain hurt, but it's a lot of fun on an occasional basis. I play Norm the Indefinite Elephant, who is a noir ex-thug trying to make good. (He is also an elephant -- well, mostly. He's not entirely elephantine all the time. It's kind of quantum.)

Having watched all that noir for Jerry's film class makes it a lot easier to play Norm! In this session, we made a bet with the devil (well, A devil) that we could become members of this secret society by morning, so we had to bring dates to their big mixer. Now that I know more about noir, I was able to say "so Norm knows dis dame, Sheila, who's blonde and hangs out in bars a lot and is usually trouble. Right?" And it was totally appropriate, so Keith agreed, and because she was that kind of doll (and also another I.E.), I knew it she'd be able to take care of herself.

After completing various tasks (and showing the folks in charge that it pays to be very specific in your wording when dealing with PCs, not just with devils...) we had to run a gauntlet. Keith uses cut-ups for players to get spiffy effects with their special abilities, and I got some ridiculous set of words including "flammable" and "squirrelkeeper" (which I worked in with the phrase "this plan is nuttier than a squirrelkeeper's sock drawer, but it just might work). It's a good game session when your can light your character on fire and charge through the enemy. (Actually I lit Norm's rain slicker, which was coated in absinthe, catnip, paint, and other flammables on fire. Norm had sunscreen on so he way okay.)

And then we have Eberron, where we buried Thomas's character alive last night.

See, there's this complicated plot going on with the local rich folks being a bunch of graverobbers, and we wanted to catch them in the act.

Alpha (Thomas's warforged character) was disguised as an elderly orcish wizard because in the previous session, he found one of the skeletons buried at sea that we need to reinter but was attacked by a gigantic swarm of jellyfish in the process, so he attracted a lot of attention from the townsfolk when he came tromping out of the ocean covered in jellyfish. So he got to wear the hat of disguise for a while.

Anyway, he had this clever idea of pretending that he had died (being elderly) so that he'd be buried in the graveyard and they'd dig him up. Which worked pretty brilliantly, although we did have to sit out in a field for two days waiting. Oh, and even better, I got details by using my gnomish ability to speak with burrowing mammals to talk to a ground squirrel! It was awesome, that ability never gets used!

So anyway, we're fighting the graverobbers (who turned out to be some variety of ghoul) when one of them hops on a horse and tries to ride away. I'm like, hmm, he's undead. So I can't sneak attack him. And I'm very small, so I can't tackle him or trip him or anything like that.

So I ran up and sneak-attacked the horse. And rolled a critical hit. It was awesome. Flying gnomish rapier missile! Did enough damage in one hit to take the horse down completely. (And Kate's cleric even healed the horse later on.)

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