Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Quotidia: Loveland, bbq, Colosseum, painting, shirt

Catching up on the quotidia:

Saturday we went up to Loveland to John & Elizabeth's for X-Box party. Well, to hang out with them, really. Jerry played Gears of War with John & the guys while Greg & I went shopping with Elizabeth & the gals. (Some because GoW/FPS games are not so much our bag, and some because it wasn't as hot that way.) They are really neat folks, & I would like to see more of them. Oh, and we saw Chris & Todd at the bookstore while we were shopping. We also picked up EDF 2017, so Jerry & I have been blowing up alien bugs the last few days.

Sunday was Chris Floyd's big birthday barbecue, which as always was a fine time. I had some of those weird moments of looking around and suddenly seeing everyone as grownups & parents. Which is not bad, but it's kind of disconcerting. Afterwards a few of us stuck around to play Colosseum, which is a lot of fun. You putting on spectacles for the Romans and you have to collect the right resources (gladiators, lions, scenery, etc.) to do it. The interesting thing is that your score doesn't accumulate: the winner is the player who scored the highest in any single round. It felt really well-balanced, and I would definitely play again.

Sunday I also painted the car! Emma (the minivan) has had peeling paint for a while, and was starting to get a lot of rust. Okay, maybe not starting. Had gotten. So I finally got some cans of spraypaint to fix it. Took steel wool to the rust, masked off windows, etc. It worked well, except that I ran out of primer and when I went to get more, the stuff I got from the local store was really crappy. So I returned the accompanying can of paint of the same brand and drove up to Boulder to get more of the good stuff -- and the store was closed on Sunday. So I had to buy more on Monday on the way to work. We got most of it before running out, and it will approach finished over more evenings.

Also, the silver paint looked kinda ghetto, so I think what we'll actually end up doing is just clear over the gray primer, which is almost the same color as her remaining original paint. At least she now looks just mottled, rather than leprous.

Oh, and remember that shirt I was annoyed to have gotten household-cleaner-with-bleach on? I fixed it. I sprayed more on there and bleached out the bottom several inches. The awesome thing is that the embroidery (which is almost the same colors as the fabric) turns out to be colorfast, so it didn't bleach. I think the shirt now actually looks cooler than it did before. So that's nice.

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