Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Things. Lots of them.

A sudden surge of Things To Do, No Really is attacking. Guess I better play catchup before I get swamped...

Let's see. For the record: D&D last Friday for the last time in a while. Thomas crashed on our couch so he wouldn't have to drive home all sleep-deprived, and I just left the car at Jeff & Alice's, because we were back there Saturday afternoon for the twins' birthday party. A pile of folks grabbed dinner at the diner at the Jeffco airport, which is a pretty neat place to eat. Limited menu, but the buffalo burger was perfectly edible and their onion rings were actually good.

Afterwards, some of us headed back to Jeff & Alice's to play boardgames. We played Metro, which is a tile-placing game about building subway lines for the Paris Metro. I kicked butt, which I attribute somewhat to clever strategy, but mostly to luck. We declared a house rule, which is that if you form a loop, you have to declare "Laudanum", because that's the only explanation for the subway workers digging a tunnel that doesn't go anywhere and then filling things back in around it.

After Metro, we played a game called Guns & Cash, which is best summarized as "Reservoir Dogs, the Boardgame!" It has big foam guns you point at the other players. You get a share of the money if you don't get shot and don't drop out to avoid getting shot. Simple, quick, and a lot of fun. We played again at Chris's on Monday night (I didn't stay long), and I think the dynamics of the game are much more interesting with 5 players than with 4. Graph theory at work.

Chris & Todd stopped by on their way back from Pride + Cirque in Denver this weekend on Sunday evening and we had dinner at Woody's pizza place up on 287. I hadn't eaten there before, and I enjoyed it. The pizza buffet line was a little swamped, and there were no labels so it was a little bit of an adventure trying to guess what kind of pizza you were getting, but it was tasty. The buffalo chicken wing pizza was a pleasant surprise.

Y'know, I don't generally mention that the best part of all these things is the hanging out with good people. That goes without saying, right? My network of friends is awesome and makes me happy.

Monday was another stay-at-home day to deal with this contract work I'm doing. Which has suddenly pounced upon me, because it's due on the 30th, and all of my stuff is totally downstream from the main guy, who is just now finishing his piece. Oy. This the aforementioned swampage of my introductory paragraph. That's on top of the semi-deadline in regular work that involves a meeting tomorrow morning wherein I hope to establish that I finally have the local-coordinate formatting thing correct, and will be able to determine whether or not it actually enables automagical cleverness on the behalf of GIS programs. Oh, and an important seminar this afternoon. And some urgent paperwork. And did I mention that I have about three interesting creative brainstorms that are attempting to crawl out my ears while all this is going on?

There is a bright spot in that some aspects of the contract work make me feel incredibly powerful and competent, because I can do in about ten minutes and correctly (with a quickie perl script) what it took my main guy a couple hours to do in Fortran that mysteriously fails 50% through. So that's a serious ego-boost. I am resisting the urge to time myself, because I know it'll just make me sloppy.

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