Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Gazpacho season

The contracting work is done, hooray! Spent most of the afternoon and evening on Friday and all of yesterday working on it. I even (technically) finished it before the June 30th deadline, getting my parts all finished shortly before midnight last night. This unfortunately kept me from the baby shower, so I'll have to go visit Neal & Rhonda sometime to say hi.

It's kind of a fun project to work on now and again. I like coding in Tcl/Tk, though since I'm not immersed in it, I spend a fair amount of time re-figuring out how the syntax goes. And I'm familiar enough with the structure of the whole system now that I can quickly remember what goes where. Developing in a Windows environment is a big pain, but overall, it's not bad. The last-minuteness of it all was pretty annoying, though. My butt is sore from sitting all day yesterday.

It has been Way Too Hot, so I made gazpacho for Movie Night tonight and it really hit the spot. I used the Cook's Illustrated recipe. Extra bonus, peppers were on sale at KS, and I was able to get 8 ripe tomatoes from POM for a dollar. Woot! I made a batch-and-a-half, so there will be leftovers for 4th of July. Tiny shrimp and little jicama cubes go well with it (I served them as garnishes so they were optional).

We watched Whatever Happened to Baby Jane tonight. What I thought was interesting about it was how much messing with the audience it did. Lots of fake-outs. Although, I have to say that there were a number of spots where it probably would have fallen apart if Blanche had had even a shred of nerve. Will save of -3 if you ask me. We decided that Elvira, the black housekeeper, was the best character in the whole movie.

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