Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


We got rained on watching fireworks tonight. The wind was high and there was a lot of lightning as well, sometimes giving the fireworks a run for their money. We didn't get soaked or anything, it was just sprinkling, but enough that all the blankets ended up draped over people instead of sitting under them.

The wind had an interesting effect on the fireworks. I'm mostly over fireworks that make shapes, but they had what I dubbed a pokeball firework: a big sphere, half red and half blue with a splotch of white in the middle that I thought was kind of neat. There were some sort of dandelion-y after-glow ones that I liked. And the red ones that sort of crawled around before falling.

And now, for Neal: Lyrics to 'Bumble Bees', by Aqua

Oh, bumble bee
Bump into me
I am in for pollination
Bumble bee
Take what you see
I'm in need for your donation
I can't wait for your invasion

And so on. (The guy's part involves repeated use of the phrase "wham bam, thank you ma'am".) So yeah. That's what I meant about the innuendo.

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