Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Okay. Here's something really cool. It only works on LCD displays, so if you've got a CRT, sorry, you won't see anything interesting.

Observe the picture below. In the top box, you can see some little tiny letters. They're 4x4 pixels each; I drew 'em by hand.

Now look at the even smaller box below it, the one with a little blotch of pink in it. Look closely. Can you see basically the same letters, except really really tiny?

Those 'letters' are only 2 pixels by 3 pixels! It's a technique called subpixel rendering and it basically involves treating each of the colored parts of the pixel as a separate mini-pixel. (And actually, it also won't work if your LCD display has the pixels in a different order than RGB, but that's how most of them do it, so most of y'all should be able to see it.)

Isn't that AWESOME?

My apologies for the eyestrain, but I was so impressed that it actually kinda worked even halfway with letters that small that I just had to share.

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