Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I just got sucked into staying up late reading Alison Bechdel's Fun House, which is an amazingly good piece of literature. I recommend it highly.

Mom brought a box of old photos by yesterday and we spent a few hours looking through them. It was really nice.

Family reunion today (my stepfather's family). I always feel bad because lots of people recognize me and call me by name right away, and I'm reasonably good at recognizing faces, but awful with names. I think this is because my brain is trying to track about 10 unrelated tribes of people and that's really too many, so I try to assuage my guilt by assuming that I know a lot more people than most of my relatives do, though perhaps I'm just lame. Said hello to lots of indeterminately distant relatives, ate too much too quick after skipping breakfast, and tossed around a big frisbee-thing with an 8-year old. It was good.

I made corn-and-bean salad for the reunion. For Movie Night tonight, I made mango salsa and quesadillas. (Made them both last night, and I think they were improved by marinating overnight in the fridge.) I have discovered two Rules of Mangos: don't bother with them out of season, and don't bother with the ones at the regular grocery store -- go to the ethnic grocery store, because they get them seasonally and they get different varieties of them.

We watched The Women (1939), and I found it reasonably entertaining. The big picture isn't fantastic, but there are lots of good moments. It was also very interesting to see a movie where there are no men on-screen ever, and how they worked with that constraint.
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