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Rather than ranting about someone who recently quit and whose work I'm cleaning up, I will post to LJ.

Lunch a week ago with Matt S., a friend from grad-school days who I ran into at a presentation here at work. It's funny in that in grad school, I knew him primarly in a queer context, but I think we probably have much more in common in the scientist/programmer context. We had lunch at Chez Thuy, and randomly saw zalena, who I would have introduced if I hadn't been too confounded by the context-switching.

I was all civic-minded on Wednesday and went to the meeting about the FasTracks northwest rail corridor. Kind of unnecessary, as it turns out, since my primary concern is that there be more public transit, to which the answer is "yes". The main things still up for negotiation are the details of the new rail stations (will there be some? Yes? Okay I'm happy.) and the question of electric vs diesel for the trains themselves. That's a tougher one; electric wins on many fronts except cost. On many other fronts, they're really close. I left comments to the effect that I thought it was important in the planning process that people think long-term, and make the decisions based on what will make for the most viable transit system thirty years into the future. Then I came home and bought plane tickets to Canada.

Games at Chris's house last Thursday; with Bryree and Rich, we tried out a couple from Stonehenge, which is a collection of games by famous designers using the same board and pieces. Enjoyed the racing game, didn't like the bluffing game.

On Sunday we watched Mommie Dearest, which is all about Joan Crawford. (My brain insists on trying to substitute Joan Collins, which is wrong. I am in danger of having my card revoked and my toaster repossessed.)

So, okay, it's sort of about her being the Worst Celebrity Mother Ever, right? Except I didn't think she really came off that badly in it. I mean, yeah, she didn't cope with stress well, and there were some terrible episodes of out-and-out craziness. She was abusive and a bad parent. On the other hand, it's not like she wasn't trying to be a good mother; she just wasn't any good at it. Plus, I didn't feel like the daughter was nearly as sympathetic as the script wanted her to be. There were times when *I* wanted to smack her. There were some scenes that were clearly meant to depict an awful trial of some kind that struck me as how any normal parent might respond. (In particular, the bit with not getting lunch or dinner because she didn't want the rare meat? "Fine, you can have it for breakfast" is a perfectly reasonable parenting technique for dealing with a picky eater!) I think the director might have been a little bit subversive with respect to the text. I was glad we had Mel at Movie Night to remind us that this was the first celebrity tell-all ever, and highly scandalous when it came out.

dcseain asks why I have "fatal dingo attack!" listed as one of my interests. Basically, it's all toosuto's fault. In the halcyon days of my early livejournaling, back when my friends were setting up accounts left and right, Josh (who already had one) insisted that we should all list "fatal dingo attack!" (note the all-important exclamation point) as one of our interests. So, well, I did. It goes well with "cheese" and "world domination".

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