Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

A Pleasant Entity Birthday

After a fairly long day at work where the demo for my boss and a couple other folks went quite well (we even almost got the reconnection to work after one of the clients died!), headed down to Common Grounds for Gin & Coffee in celebration of the Entity's birthday. (The Entity being Karen and Rose. Collectively, they are 60.)

Shawn was there, with Malachi, which was pretty cool, since we haven't seen him in a while; also Christie. But! The more specialer part was that Wally Pleasant was singing there!

I had not heard his music before, though several in our crowd recommend it, and it turns out that he is a super-cool folk singer type guy who sings amusing little ditties about not much in particular. He *RAWKS* (in this totally acoustic kind of way).

So we had a lot of fun, and he had us write lyrics for a special birthday song for Karen & Rose, which he sang. There was a line about "they're both cool, but watch out or you'll get a Modern Bride in the no-no spot", and Alice wrote a line that Wally rendered as "and did I mention that they're both-- I can't sing that! I'll just spell it, I guess," but I think the best one was "Chris is Rosemary's husband, and he can't think of anything to write, 'cause he's a butt," because that became the chorus of the song. "He's a butt, he's a butt, butt butt butt-butt butt."

I bought a CD. I almost got Songs About Stuff, but ended up going with Music for Nerds & Perverts, which is the new one, and I think my favorite song is "I Wanna Rock You To Death". Wally signed it: "Hi Beemer & Jerry -- Thanks for letting me know about the burrito" because we told him where the Chipotle was that we got dinner from.

I like funny folk singers, especially when they are also nice people.

Oh, there was also cake. Yummy cake.

I like funny folk singers, especially when they're

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