Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Dear Everybody On the Intarwebs:

I know that hyperlinks are neat and all, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT take your lovely comprehensive FAQ and break it up into multiple pages all linked together just because it's really long. It completely destroys my ability to use a quick keyword search in my browser to go to the thing I was interested in. And frankly? There is way too much stuff out there for me to be even looking at any parts of your FAQ that are not the Q I was FA-ing. Plus it's super-annoying. Kthxbye.

Speaking of super-annoying, I had the idea last night that an interesting way of characterizing various groups in a fictional setting I'm dinking around with would be to write up the ways that a (stereo-)typical member of each group would eventually drive you crazy. I've been thinking about them mostly in a positive light, so this comes at them from a totally different angle. It turns out that this is a really good technique for figuring out which ones you actually have a solid feeling for, and which ones are still just conceptual outlines.

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