Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Like Civ, except for that whole all-weekend thing

Tom had a gaming Thursday last night, so we played Antike, which I quite enjoyed.

It's a Civ-style empire-building game, but really stripped down so you can actually play it in only a couple hours. (Well, 3.5 hours, but we had six players and we stopped after two rounds and started over when our sixth player showed up, plus it was the first time for three of us -- still pretty quick, considering!)

I think it really distills the essence of the 4X-style game very effectively. It does the whole strategy-balancing thing with only 3 resources, and has a very clever innovation (the rondel) that lets you decide what to do each turn, but also restricts your options.

I was still 5 turns away from victory when Bill won, but I felt like my strategy was functional and that I had something that was working, so I felt quite satisfied regardless. I definitely want to play it again sometime.

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