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Did you know that LJ can do automatic one-click automatic posting for you?

It just takes chunks from existing public posts and pastes them together where they match, which is mostly not very interesting. But I ran it a couple times and got some amusing segues :

Made ginger peach chicken stirfry from a recipe in the newspaper this evening. Not very exciting, but there was a line of lenses hanging in front of a chalk line from monofilament wire that I also liked. There's a Sol LeWitt sculpture -- a big pile of stacked cubes -- that I didn't think much of in photos, but that I adore in person, because as you walk around it you can see some little tiny letters. They're 4x4 pixels each; I drew 'em by hand.

And actually, it also won't work if your LCD display has the pixels in a different order than RGB, but that's how most of them do it, so most of y'all should be able to determine whether or not it actually enables automagical cleverness on the behalf of GIS programs.

To introduce my idea for solving this conundrum, I have to say that I very much enjoyed the technobabble in this article from this week's (well, last week's by now) Onion: Earthquake Sets Japan Back To 2147.

We also picked up EDF 2017, so Jerry & I have been cranky off and on for no particular reason the last couple days.

I saw a tiny bunny no bigger than my fist while taking out the recycling, but I am now totally convinced that the character of Mr. Humphries in 70s brit-com Are You Being Served? is based on Jean Brodie.

And thus was born the moral victory: whenever someone was in a position to take the horse down completely.

The only thing is, it doesn't just compose random entries, it actually posts them. So you have to view and edit and switch them to private really quickly if you don't want to totally confuse everyone on your flist...

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