August 5th, 2004


Ground Rules

This entry is mostly for me -- as a reminder of how I plan to do things and why. But it will also be useful to them what want to know something about what to expect.

Goals: To improve my writing -- which mostly means speed; I rewrite everything too much, and I need to get better at just writing things and letting them go. To keep my distant friends updated on what's been going on in my life. To provide a low-energy threshold medium for diffusion of interesting ideas, like science news tidbits and amusing things one comes across. To record the things that happen in my life, since my brain is getting full and I'm bad about keeping details around in my memory.

Names: I will use people's real names. It's too much effort to come up with clever pseudonyms and keep track of them. However, if I'm linking to someone else, I'll use whatever level of anonymity they've used in their own journal to refer to themselves. Note: many of my friends (myself included) from MIT have wacky nicknames. Note also: "monkey" is a term of endearment that my boyfriend and I use.

Privacy: I have no expectations of privacy or anonymity for this journal. I'm going to write under the assumption that everyone I know might be reading it, including my mom, my boss, my grandparents, my boyfriend, and anyone that I talk about.

Drama: There will be none. If something eventful happens, I'll post about it when I can summarize things meaningfully for people who aren't here. Not halfway through when I don't know what's going on and will just cause people worry and angst.

Memes: I won't do memes. Sometimes people's answers to the questionnaire-type ones are interesting, but they are generally less informative than a short paragraph on the relevant subject would be, so if there's a meme going around I find interesting, I'll just do that instead.

I won't use "mood" or "music" tags, because I would spend far too much time on them trying to figure out something witty-yet-meaningful. And "current music" is really uninformative: if I'm at work, I'm listening to streaming trance from Digitally Imported, and if I'm at home, I'm listening to my entire music collection on shuffle play; either way, it's not particularly illuminating. Note also that there would be far too many posts with moods like "monkey" or "asbestos".

Okay. Can I live with those strictures? I think so. Let's give it a try.

And here's the other thing I will do: I will allow myself to build up a few days of posts unwatched, and then I will post and back-date them. That takes the initial pressure off. Happy!