August 19th, 2004



Yesterday it rained. A lot. Buckets. Hours. Record-setting amounts, in point of fact.

I felt a little bit clever because I have finally learned to carry around an umbrella when it might rain, just in case. And in fact, I had an umbrella yesterday.

Working late to finish up a chunk of code and stopping at the grocery store for dinner and some essentials made me late for Star Wars at Jeff's, but the rain made everyone else late, too, so it was okay.

Today it isn't really raining, but it's overcast and damp. I'm feeling tired and lethargic, and I just realized that it's probably because I haven't had enough sunlight, since it's been rainy since yesterday afternoon. That's right: Dr. Tectonic is solar-powered.

Must. Attempt. To write. JavaDoc. *ugh*