August 20th, 2004

Froude number

Sci-nuz nibblez™

I'm going to start trying to post interesting science tidbits here alongside my quotidian adventures. Here's two to start you off:

Mars Rover Finds Mysterious Rocks and More Signs of Water. The evidence includes rocks that are, quote, "cruddy", unquote.

Fossil found in Canada likely to be Earth's oldest animal. These fern-like critters are called "rangeomorphs". They're from a geologic period I'd never heard of before, the Ediacaran. It's Precambrian!


A Thin Paneer of Civilization

Jerry was off visiting with Nick & Jen this evening, so I carpooled with Tom & Heather down to I-25 and Hampden, where we met Karen & Thomas at a restaurant called India's for dinner. It was very yummy. K&T are regulars there to the point that the waiter recognized them and knew what they were probably going to order. That's kinda cool. And I have to admit, they do have the best saag paneer I've tasted, so I totally see why Karen usually gets it.

We stayed there talking for about two and a half hours, almost until the restaurant closed. (They didn't quite have to kick us out.) It was a pretty quiet night, so we weren't denying them any business or anything. Among other things, I got to ask a lawyer how the law would apply to various super-powers. Ah, geekdom.

It was very nice. Good food and leisurely conversation is a pretty enjoyable combo. One of the better reasons to invent civilization, I'd say.