August 24th, 2004

Froude number

Public Service Announcement

I have added a bunch of back-dated entries for the last several days.

Should you happen to care.

I also want to say that I'm (probably unwarrantedly) quite proud of the ridiculously long but grammatical sentence that started the previous entry.

Stress Relaxors?

Suddenly I have found myself with the potential to be very busy in the future. So, the plan was already to work pretty hard this week to get the between-turns growth model working for the game. So I did a lot of coding today, and it was good.

But! I'm also working with Squid Labs on this neat firefighting tool idea we have, and it turns out that the deadline to submit a proposal to NASA for a small business grant is September 9th or so. So I had a conference call with Colin and U-Boat today, and it looks like we're going to be crunching a little to get that finished over the next couple weeks.

Oh! And I get to go to the Serious Games Summit in D.C. in October, which is AWESOME, but that means I have to register and make arrangements Real Soon Now to avoid it being really expensive.

Theoretically, I ought to be stressed. But somehow it makes me feel sorta... mellow.

So yay, I guess.

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Note also:

After last night's anime debacle, we finally watched disc 6 of Noir tonight. Yay! It's very good. There's only one disc left, and I have a theory about what I think will happen in the last few episodes, but I honestly have no idea what will actually go down, because it's been very good about surprising me so far. It also has the nice feature that it's one of those stories that makes you keep thinking back and re-evaluating what you've already seen, now that you know more about what's going on.

All praise to Kung Fu Monkey, who has slain the $@#%&! housefly that was buzzing around all evening. Hail!