September 7th, 2004


Synoptic Overview

Saturday: Ghostwalk. Got to go pick up Bernadette while Thomas & Joe tried (unsuccessfully) to get Jerry's laptop to talk to their wireless router (or maybe vice-versa). Inherited a coffee grinder and dvd shelving while doing so, filled the trunk of my car with computers to be recycled. Ghostwalk good -- got my special! Phoebe (NPC played by Karen)'s father is, quite possible, the Worst Dad Ever. Telepresent gaming continues to work surprisingly well.

Sunday: Sat in front of the computer All Frickin' Day. Working on SBIR. Stayed up stupid late.

Monday: Got up after not nearly enough sleep to go to Floyds' at 11 for Beyond the Mountains of Madness. It was a beautiful day, so we played on the patio out back. Rose set up tents for the Floydlings to frolic in. The game is finally getting to that standard Call of Cthulhu "there's just no way this is going to turn out well, is there?" point. I think one of the things I like about CoC is that it's very science-fictiony. More proposal-writing.

Tuesday: Back to work. DLUG production for this week is mostly cleanup and finishing off. I made icons for the proposal to revitalize the waterfront. How the hell do you represent "building regulations are relaxed" with an icon? Regardless, I tried to do it.

I couldn't find anything on spotter plane costs and response times despite several hours of searching last night, so I called Justin, Boulder's wildfire management guy. Turns out he's heading off to Florida tomorrow for hurricane stuff, so I really lucked out that he returned my call today. He's pretty enthused about the idea, and I was deluged with vast amounts of interesting and useful information and ideas, including the data points I was looking for. I think Justin is overclocked.

Somewhere in there we finished off disc 3 of Fruits Basket and watched a couple episodes of Witch Hunter Robin (Jeff & Alice loaned us the last two dvds, yay!).

Now it's back to proposing. Wha!