September 15th, 2004


Of Pomegranates and Peppered Chocolate

Jeff's Star Wars game tonight. Unusually, Tom and I were the first to arrive, beating Jeff even. I blame traffic.

Stopped at King Stoopid's to pick up dinner. (I actually like the store, but I am compelled to mock the spelling.) I got a rotisserie chicken, some carrots, and a pomegranate.

Alice had never had pomegranate; she was fascinated, but perplexed at the amount of work. (I peeled the whole thing before eating it, since I didn't want to worry about juice stains - did you know that they peel a lot easier underwater? The paper just floats to the top.) She declared pomegranate to be tasty -"like juicy popcorn"- then asked if I now had the urge to remain in the underworld.

She also required all guests in the house to try the strange bar of dark chocolate with strawberry and pepper. The four people who had tried it previously all thought it was nasty (too bitter, mostly), but I liked it.

It was very strange, but I liked it.