September 17th, 2004


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Yesteday, I was going to complain about the fact that I didn't accomplish much of anything at work.

Then I came home and slept for 12 hours.

So I guess whatever that was about, that was why.

Regular, Not Dumbass

A few weeks ago, much to our delight, Megan invited herself up to have dinner with us and watch Ghost In The Shell before the sequal comes out in theaters. So tonight we did that.

We went to Taste of Asia for dinner, which is our favorite local asian place. They do many different cuisines, but they do a really good job with them. They told us that next week they're moving over to the shopping center on 287, which we were glad to find out, because we would have been mightily distraught if they were just not there the next time we decided to go to dinner there.

I'm always a little bit pleasantly surprised when the hostess recognizes us, though she's done it several times now. I guess that sort of makes us "regulars", which is a nice feeling.

I realized as we were watching the movie, that while I had seen it before (a while ago), and had memories of particular scenes, I had no memory whatsoever of what the point of the whole movie was, and that was really a shame, because it's got a very interesting point. I don't know if I'm a more sophisticated viewer now, or if I just wasn't paying attention last time, or what, but man, what was I smoking? Why didn't I get it the first time around? It's a really good movie!

True, it has some talky philosophical bits, but I think they were worked in quite well, and they serve a good purpose. It's got extraordinarily high-quality animation, especially once you've seen enough anime to start recognizing the stylistic devices that they use to minimize frame.

And probably one of the things I appreciate most is that it has a very coherent view of a very complex future, and it doesn't slow down to explain things to you. It just presents things exactly as they would happen, and if you can't work out what's going on or keep up, well, too bad for you. I like that. A lot.

I get really tired of movies assuming I'm a dumbass. Hollywood is stupid, not me. Yay for movies of smartness!