September 19th, 2004


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bryree came over to visit us Saturday. We did a lot of hanging out and talking. Always nice to learn things about your friends that you didn't know. Sometimes after you get a general feel for someone, you forget to keep asking about all those interesting details you don't know yet.

Found out what his new chaplaining gig is all about. I'm impressed by anyone who can hold down a job that basically amounts to empathizing with random strangers full-time. I like to think of myself as fairly empathic, but that would probably kill me. Go preacher-man!

We got lunch at The Little Mexican Place Across The Street™ (or "LiMPATS") and then let him try out some DDR. Looks like we have another convert. Hooray! Maybe it's time soon for another DDR party...

Vyrin Visits

Colin (vyrin) dropped in this afternoon on his whirlwind weekend tour of Colorado. Kung Fu Monkey was at work most of the afternoon, but Colin and his friend Sarah and I hung out.

Much conversation of no particular unifying theme. Got to hear neat stories about Burning Man. We grabbed some food at NooCo, then loaned Sarah some superglue to fix her sunglasses before she took off.

Showed off Pikmin 2 (insert pikmin "yay" here), then played a quick game of Strange Synergy before I dropped him off at the bus for the airport. I got a pretty good power combo (rocket skates + flamethrower + robot body), but he got one that was just unbeatable (intangibility + freeze + inner peace = total invulnerability), so I had to concede. Not bad for a first-timer!

A short visit, but fun. Now I'm trying to figure out when I can manage another trip to SF.