October 7th, 2004

Froude number


Came home from work to find Nick still here with Jerry after kung fu, so we played some multi-player X-Men (gamecube).

This was a lot of fun. Superhero games are already fun, and everybody likes the X-men. I was playing Jean Grey, Jerry had Rogue, and Nick had Iceman.

Our heroes, however, were decidedly NOT a model of cooperative teamwork.

Jean Grey threw a snowmobile at Rogue's head using telekinesis.

It was an accident, I swear! I didn't even know I'd done it! After that point, Rogue kept throwing environment at Jean, and yelling "Rogue smash!" because I guess she got confused with the Hulk. That, or "die, bitch!"

Oh, and since we had two redheads on the screen, there were many cries of "Stop looking like me, dammit!" when one of us (usually me) would get confused about who was controlling who.

It was a blast. We clearly need to have an X-men party so we can use all four controllers.

Out out, damn'd tooth

Lucky me! It would appear that I get to have a root canal on Saturday.


Hmm. That'll make the wedding I'm supposed to go to Saturday evening... interesting.

(I'm on the phone with the dentist scheduling an appointment. All I can say is that the pain prescription she's phoning in to the pharmacist had better be damn good, because I have a toothache that builds up in about half a minute to unbearable levels. Fortunately, swishing cold water around in my mouth alleviates it almost instantly, but I can't keep drinking water continuously for much longer...)

Quick Update

A quick update, because I have a demo tomorrow at work and I HAVE to go to bed.

I ended up getting the first half of the root canal this afternoon. My tooth no longer hurts. At all. Soooo much better.

This evening, Jerry, bryree, and I went over to Nick & Jen's for DDR. Danced a lot, got very sweaty.

So all in all, things are good.