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October 10th, 2004

Short Saturday Summary [Oct. 10th, 2004|02:07 am]
So this morning I got the second half of my root canal, and it was really no big deal. No worse than getting a filling, except that it took two and a half hours. I'll try to write more detail about it later.

Spent most of the day running around Boulder doing errands, picking up wedding presents and so on.

Came home, tried to figure out what to wear. kung_fu_monkey was kind and ironed my pants while I wrapped wedding presents. Went down to the Mercury Cafe for Glen and Cara's wedding.

It was a very nice affair. The Merc's upstairs cleans up very well, the food was nice, and the servers all scurried in an amusing fashion. Took pictures of people's shoes with the disposable cameras because, well, that's the kind of thing one does at weddings.

The vows were based on traditional Celtic ones, and I liked them quite a bit. Very "hi, I like you, let's have a relationship" rather than "now these Two become One (and Jesus will be the Glue)".

Cara looked quite beautiful, but she had makeup on, which I don't think I've ever seen before, and it was a tad strange. Jerry and I both danced with Megan, and it was fun. The cake was strawberry, and yummy. Heather O. is very pregnant. The wands on the wedding bubbles weren't very good at making bubbles.

I think it may be late enough that my mind is starting to wander.

Anyway: wedding. Good. Friends happy. Yay.

Oh, and note: I back-posted an entry for Friday night.
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