November 3rd, 2004


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Last night we watched the last disc of Fruits Basket, which is a wonderful, wonderful anime series. I'm sad that it has only 26 episodes and that now we're done with them, but it had a very satisfying ending.

I had this idea in the middle of the last episode about the main character, Tohru Honda, who is the Nicest Person Ever: I think she could be an incarnation of Kwannon, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. I don't know that it was even conscious on the part of the creators (Kwannon is pretty well-known/popular in Japan), but Tohru uses the Power of Niceness (compassion) to solve all her problems. She never gives in to anger or hatred or other negative feelings, she always tries to see things from the other person's side, and she just tries the best she can to be good. And it works. Love conquers all.

I'm trying very hard to keep her example (even though she's a fictional character) in mind.

Because, although it comes and goes, and mostly I can just shrug it off, but when I do have an emotional reaction to the election results, what I'm feeling more than anything else is angry.

Very, very angry.

I'm not normally an angry person. I can get irked, annoyed, sort of irate, even ticked-off, but I don't, generally speaking, get seriously angry. This is... unusual.

I can't think of anything else to say about it that doesn't sound either melodramatic or stupid.

P.S.: I want everyone reading this to know that it helps -- a lot -- to read everyone else's posts and have evidence that I'm not alone.

This Too Shall Pass

Resilience is a beautiful thing, as are all my friends, present and distant, physical and internet, old and new.

Following the example of bigreddee and dizzi_d (thanks, guys!), I think I'm mostly done with being distraught. Still unhappy, but moving on. I saved up some anger in a bottle on the shelf for later use, should I need it. I'm feeling rededicated to figuring out the red-blue divide and how to drag people across it.

Today was a beautiful cloudless day, with bright sun and clear blue skies. I took a walk to stretch my legs and watch prarie dogs this afternoon.

I got an amazing amount of work done today. All but one of the turn 2 proposals are coded, and I even got the one with complicated enactment dynamics finished, though I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

Monkey scored disc 3 of Twelve Kingdoms, which we've been enjoying quiet a bit recently, from the library.

Now I'm heading out to grab dinner and go hang with the Bakers at Wednesday Gathering for a bit.