November 9th, 2004



For dinner tonight I fried up some chicken breasts (halved, so I guess they were actually cutlets or something) dipped in cornmeal. More because I had defrosted them and needed to cook them than because I wanted to make dinner, but whatever gets ya to the stove, I guess. What was interesting was that they turned out much, MUCH jucier and more flavorful than I was expecting. I think I was expecting frozen chicken tenders, and what I got was... well, the thing that frozen chicken tenders usually imitate.

Also: I have determined that I absolutely cannot upgrade my version of firefox at work and do a final install until I am certain that my theme of choice (skypilot, by kang) works with it, because I am far too attached to the lovely blue-purple art deco look to even consider using the default theme. Blah grey with shiny plastic-looking icons makes me itch. Sad, I know.