December 15th, 2004



So I guess the reason I haven't been posting much on my own (aside from long hours at work and Xmas shopping) is because I've been doing all my philosophical blathering in other people's journals. Along with kisken and dpolicar, now nehrlich has a wealth of quasi-coherent ramblings spewed from my keyboard.

(This is not a recommendation that you go read it -- I'm frankly astonished that most of these folks put up with me -- but simply an explanation of why I haven't said much interesting lately.)

game work

I just finished reading through the final report from our usability team (three college students who agreed to do testing of our game for their class project), whom we're meeting with in about half an hour. They made a number of useful observations and recommendations. I came up with a bunch more ideas reading through their report. There were some tests we wish they'd done, but OTOH it was also free labor. The two big conclusions:

1) We have already implemented most of the fixes they recommend. Go us!

2) Out of the six non-target-demographic playtesters, there was one that really like the game. Let me repeat that: there was a playtester that really liked our game! There was somebody who really got it and understood what it was all about, and he liked it, too.

Yay! I feel all happy now.

(no subject)

I am a gigantic lame-butt, because I have a bunch of stuff to say in various threads, and I have a zillion emails to deal with and answer, and I want to work on some of the game stuff I have running around in my head, but lately I've just had zero motivation to write anything once I get home.

So instead, tonight kung_fu_monkey and I watched an episode of Twelve Kingdoms, and I made duxelles.

I don't know how to pronounce them, but they sure are yummy.

Also, I like the Christmas lights. I especially like it when cities string simple white lights on bare deciduous trees. Those look so cool. There are a bunch of trees set up like that along Pearl street near 28th in Boulder, with red light spiralling around their trunks.

And at the intersection near our house here in Broomfield, there are two trees done up in plain red and plain blue lights that are exactly the same cool colors as all the instrument lights in my car. So pretty!