December 17th, 2004


Xmas Images

I realized today that I got two Christmas cards from my grandmother this year. Which is sweet, but sad, too, because I think it's a sign of the fading memory that she often complains about. She's 90, and definitely quite elderly. Same card, mailed two days apart. Still, two cards from Grandma is a card from Grandma twice, which is nice.

I bought some simple frames from Target last night; I'm going to give her a recent picture of me for Christmas this year; I just need to dig a suitable one up and print it out. I also want to print one of me at the WWII memorial in D.C. for my (veteran) grandfather. And I need to find a good one of me and Jerry for my Aunt and her family.


Whee! Blogging from the Joneses' basement, where bryree has joined them and us for DDR. I'm all fat with wintertime lack of exercise, but feeling pretty energetic tonight, despite the too-spicy lamb curry (-oid) stuff I made last night seriously disagreeing with me earlier in the evening. Oy vey.

Bryan came over and hung out with us last night, too. There was some playing of Jerry's new toy (an original R.O.B. the Robot for the Nintendo, complete in the box with all the stuff and everything), which necessitated me running off to Target for a D battery. Those suckers are getting kinda hard to find! And they're HYOOOOGE! Makes old technology just seem unbearably klunky compared to modern stuff. An entire Atari console and, like, a dozen game cartridges will now fit inside the joystick. We reminisced (there was also Duck Hunt), and I remember one of the neighbor kids, Joe Lyon I think, playing Yar's Revenge on my Atari one afternoon until he rolled the score over...

Today at work I finally finished the one simple change that I was planning on busting out Monday that pushed, like, eight levels of stack deep across a dozen classes. Gah. But it's done! So that's nice.

Oh! And we played Munchkin Fu. I got to have Drunken Monkey Kung Fu *and* Banana Fu. And I won! So again with the yay.