January 6th, 2005



My monkey is getting on a plane tomorrow morning and flying off to Far Oregonia to visit family. Shiku-shiku, I will miss him! But I hope that he has a good trip, and I will see him in a week. Now I must go get my snuggle time while I can...


kung_fu_monkey is safely in Oregon. Hooray! Apparently he got to sit in the airport for three hours this morning while they did things to the airplane. SUCK!

Speaking of suck, they are installing new OS on my computer tomorrow, so I'm sitting here waiting for it to finish backing up data to my machine at home. And it is taking f o r e v e r. In part because I didn't do a good enough job cleaning up all the files I don't actually need backups of, but that I copied here because it would be convenient to have a local copy. Argh.