January 17th, 2005


Semper ubi sub ubi

From now on, Martin Luther King day may be "Pants Day" on my calendar.

Since I had run out of pants (having only about four pairs that actually fit, two of which developed really, um, unfortunate holes in the last week or so), today I went out shopping and bought new pants. I found four pairs of jeans, as well as a nice pair of cargo pants that fit really well that I unfortunately couldn't buy because they had extra-roomy rear pockets that could probably hold, literally, a stack of 3 or 4 CDs and sadly made them look really dorky from behind. (I also sat in my car outside of Subway for about an hour and worked on my Space Bugs board game, but that's another story.)

But, more importantly! Collapse )

I haven't posted much in my own journal lately, but there's been lots of discussion over in stowellian's. And I'm going to start up a crash course in evolution on cushing312 soon (hopefully tomorrow). Ghostwalk Saturday was good. Doing lots of nothing yesterday was also. As for today: paaaaaaaants!