February 1st, 2005



Stayed home yesterday, except for a trip to the clinic around noon. The infection is definitely on the wane, but I have probably the worst sore throat I have ever had. Doctor gave me a prescription for viscous lidocaine, which doesn't do squat if you dilute and gargle it, but works quite well if applied directly to the sore spots with a Q-tip or finger.

Other than triggering of the gag reflex as you apply it, of course.

I've actually made it in to work today! How exciting! Maybe I'll have something new to talk about later today!

Oh, and we picked up Jerry's laptop from Best Buy. It was not fixed. We have sent it back again. Best Buy is the devil. We're starting to plan our complaint to corporate.

Alias Season 1

We just finished watching the first season of Alias on DVD; enjoyed it quite a bit, though it's pretty freakin' rude on the cliffhanger scale. Thoughts:

The last episode was a particularly nice coming-full-circle kind of thing.

The number of loose ends left flapping spectacularly to cause problems in season two was pretty impressive.

They do a very good job of giving characters distinct personalities. The reactions that Will Tippin has in a number of spots in the last couple episodes, for example, are kind of unexpected and much more interesting than many of the things they could have had him do.

I would posit that the "point" of season one is: personal loyalties are more important than the job. (If you're a good person, anyway.)

I'm glad we're not watching this as it was broadcast; I don't know that I could take the waiting...