February 18th, 2005


A Rude and Prying Poll

Okay! So I mentioned the other day that Karen had a Rude and Prying Question™. So that she can gather more data, I have posted it here.

This is a question for them what have boy-bits, so girls are excused. The question is: with regard to dressing left or right (that is, into which side of the pants your dangly bits tend to dwell), does it match whether you're right-handed or left-handed?

Poll #440221 RPP #1

Does your dressage match your handedness?

Yes (right-handed and dress right or left-handed and dress left)
No (dress left and right-handed or dress right and left-handed)
Other (ambidextrous, don't wear pants, negligible basket asymmetry, dress up or tuck instead, etc.)