April 9th, 2005


Up and Down and All Around

It's like we switched to Daylight Savings Time and suddenly my life shifted into gear.

Got a bunch of code written today. UI tweaks, basically, but on Wednesday we figured out the changes we want to make to the voting procedure in the game and I think it'll really be a big improvement.

Took the shuttle up to Mesa Lab and met nosato for lunch. (He's in Denver for a conference and was on a tour.) What a nice guy! I'm really glad I got to meet him. Plus, he took a good picture of me that I'm totally going to use for an icon. Hooray for random LJ connections!

Came back down the hill to a long staff meeting, but which was productive and made me appreciate my work environment. Our new director wore her shirt that says "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi" and I took it as a good omen. I also noticed that women outnumber men in my department by 2 to 1, which is pretty cool.

Bought CDs from Best Buy on the way home with some rebate coupons before they expired -- Sting, Alanis, Weird Al. Watched S'Pookie's DVD of Notorious C.H.O. while Monkey baked banana bread. Margaret Cho is funny!

I also called my Mom and, among other discussion, told her about the triad thing. This was not much of a surprise, because she has Mom-telepathy and had suspected that something of that nature was going on. She was all cool with it, so yay!

Now I just have to put my presentation together...