April 11th, 2005



Snow! Lots of it, though not nearly enough to justify calling it the "Blizzard of '05" as they are apparently beginning to. We got about six inches, people. I hear it shut down the airport and some areas lost power, but really. Not that much.

It is heavy and sticky and perfect for making snowballs or snowmen. High tomorrow is supposed to be 57 -- it's going to be WET as everything melts. It was pleasantly bright all day today through the low overcast, even as it kept snowing and blowing.

Yesterday we (me & Greg) took out recycling and took a bunch of old shirts (mine) to a charity dropoff and went to the Bookworm and got $61.50(!) of trade-in credit on used paperbacks and had dinner at Juanita's and went by the Boulder Bookstore while Jerry stayed home and had downtime and cleaned. I felt very accomplished. That evening we watched Memories (Katsuhiro Otomu, director of Akira), a set of three shortish anime pieces that were very pretty and seemed to Mean Something, though I didn't really get it. The second piece was pretty funny, though.

Today, I hung up a bunch of pictures and in the afternoon Greg and I helped Keith playtest the Gloom expansion. (That's my Good Friend Keith, Game Designer Extraordinaire.) Oh! And on NPR'S The Splendid Table, they had an interview with Soyoung Scanlan, an artisan cheese maker who is also the wife of one of my fraternity brothers! That was pretty cool.

So it was a very name-droppy kind of day.

LA Alert!

OH! I'll be in Los Angeles (visiting UC-Irvine, to be exact) this week!

I'm flying in Wednesday, doing work stuff at UC-I on Thursday and Friday, flying home Saturday evening. If anyone out there in LiveJournal-Land will be in the vicinity, do let me know; I'll probably be at loose ends for at least part of it. (Don't know how far from Orange County I can get, though.)