May 20th, 2005


Touched by Small Children and the Sun

Took most of the day off today to sheepdog. A couple of my friends have a small business making chainmail jewelry, and this weekend there's a "fantasy arts" convention going on in Denver. kung_fu_monkey had agreed to help watch after their kids while they set up their tent at the hotel, but since then he got the deli job restarted and had to work today.

Since I have uber-flextime, I took some PTO to take his place.

It's very sunny and very hot today.

Dangled feet in the pool. Tried to keep the three-year-old from getting her dress TOO wet, without huge success. Did workplace setup for a half-dozen My Little Pony watercolors. Chased small children around the pool area going "RAR!". Watched the Scooby Doo and the Mystery of the Wiki Tiki movie on TV. Got some sun. Ate too many chocolate-covered raisins.

Now I'm trying to get something done at work, and boy, are my motivation levels low...

Please Excuse Our Dust

Whoops! I just did a bunch of backposts for the last few days, and I forgot to mark them as "backposted", so, uh, sorry for the clutter on your friends page. Just pretend you've been reading all week!