June 6th, 2005


(no subject)

I should come up with something more interesting to talk about, but what's been going on in my life is: I'm almost not sick anymore!

I have a residual cough, and this really interesting thing where the guck in my ears is giving me differential tonal distortion -- the sounds in one ear come through at a different pitch than they do in the other ear.

And by "interesting" I mean "annoying", because it makes all music sound discordant. In some genres of music (electronica), this means that its sounds like they've used slightly harsher samples than they actually have. In others (showtunes), it means that everything sounds horribly horribly out of tune all over the place. So I'm hoping that'll go away before too long.

In other news, I actually did half my commute by bus today! (Half because J&G came up to Boulder to run errands and picked up the car, so they could each have one for the rest of the day, while I took the bus home.) I'm going to work on doing more commuting by bus because it's good for the environment, and because that will make life easier on our two-car, three-person household. So it was good practice. It took more time (an hour home instead of about 30-35 minutes), but on the other hand I was able to read most of the way. I'm going to try and bus it again tomorrow.