June 22nd, 2005


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I managed to splatter my bare belly with hot oil while frying fishcakes this evening. Owchie! Jerry pointed out that I should have been wearing a shirt while frying, which is absolutely true. But the kitchen was HOT...

We had a pretty serious thunderstorm this evening. As I drove home, I pointed my camera out the window and took a bunch of pictures of it. I didn't take my eyes off the road, just aimed it in the general direction of interesting-looking clouds, and most of them turned out really well! Neat!

I ran about a dozen errands on the way to work, but I managed to figure out what to do with the synergistic turn-3 scenario components while I was doing them, so I was effectively on the clock most of the time. Yay for being a knowledge worker.

Strange Coincidences

File under "strangely disorienting":

Wandering over to the lab library, randomly picking up a magazine with a colorful cover, skimming an article that looks interesting, and realizing that it's written by the person whose office is three doors down from your own.

Then reading the next article and realizing it's by someone you met in grad school.