June 29th, 2005


(no subject)

Gheh. I really hate writing up abstracts for talks. Maybe I'll blog instead.

Monday, drove down to Aurorourour and had dinner with Greg's mom. We rendezvoused at K&T's house and went to India's restaurant, which has tasty food. I'm glad we didn't order appetizers, or I would have burst.

It went well, which is good, since the meet-the-boyfriends'-parents has even greater potential for awkwardness when there's two boyfriends. Greg's mom is cool. There was a lot of "oh, so that's where you get that from". I can totally see why they drive one another crazy -- they're too much alike.

Star Wars last night. For once, all of us (the players) managed to show up, within five minutes of one another, before 7! So of course Jeff was delayed by traffic. It was a pretty good session. I made lots of swoop bike sound effects.

Tonight, dinner with Greg's dad. So I better get back to writing things for work...