August 15th, 2005


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Boy, I have been really bad about updating lately. Let's see what I can remember...

Friday evening was a nice party for Anneliese's 2nd birthday, over in the park near our house. I was instructed to stop at Target and buy her a magic princess wand, and there wasn't anything ideal, so she got one of those tubes that makes moaning noises and a little hand-held stick with spinny-light up globule at the end.

Saturday we had anime night; zalena came, and Glen and Cara, and we watched a half-dozen episodes of Last Exile, which was highly intriguing. Anti-gravity steampunk kind of stuff, with lots of mysterious arc plot. Plus a few random episodes of other things.

Yesterday I went down to Aurora and spent the day with Thomas and Mike K. working on stuff for a D&D module that's going to be run at a con in a couple weeks. I think it will be cool, though it turns out that making characters (my job) is a lot more work than it seems, mostly because the decision-making is quick but writing everything down takes FOREVER. But I think it will be fun.

Today I worked from home while Greg and Jerry went off to do orientation things for school. Jofish and his friend Janet stopped by this evening, and Greg and I took them up to Boulder. We had dinner at Chez Thuy because they were very, very tired of diner/burger food after roadtripping through Idaho and Wyoming and they really wanted something with fresh vegetables in it, so vietnamese seemed like a good bet. And it was -- such a good restaurant! We poked around Pearl Street for a little bit and had tea at the Boulder Bookstore coffeehouse (well, Greg and I had italian sodas) and then came home.

Things are good.