August 31st, 2005


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I almost got my car back today -- but when we got to the body shop, not five minutes before something got messed up on the underside of the hood and they have to re-fix it. However, they will deliver it to me tomorrow, which I thought was a nice way to apologize.

Just got back from playing board games at the Floyds'. Tested the bugs game again and Jerry TOTALLY thrashed me and Jeff. He refused to make a winning move because he wanted to keep playing, which is pretty high praise. So, yay! I guess all it needs now is a bunch of testing and tweaking to get things balanced...

Tom and Matt and Neal played Chris's cathedral game, and I gather it worked well with 3 players, too.
Froude number

Holy Crap!

I just now, for the first time ever, surfed the web for a solution to a problem, found a Java class that purported to accomplish my task, modified it according to suggestions in various forums to make it behave better, inserted it into my own code, and had it do exactly what I intended it to!

That NEVER happens!

I am feeling very programmer-studly at the moment.