September 18th, 2005


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So, if you've read kung_fu_monkey's post, tomorrow morning I have to go talk to the landlord and try to get Greg added to the lease. I'm hopeful this will all be easily resolved, but I'm also feeling anxious about it. Because if it's not easily dealt with, then the prospect looms of dealing with moving, sudden unanticipated and uncontrolled life changes, and institutionalized unfairness, all of which I really, really hate.

I went to Joe & Hyla's baby shower this afternoon, while Greg and Jerry stayed home and did homework. It was fun. I won a prize at the "guess the scented substance applied to the diaper" game (mostly because I got a bonus point for identifying #7 not just as bug spray, but specifically Deep Woods Off). Got to see Karen & Thomas, too. I think I ate too many deviled eggs.

This evening, we met Greg's friends Chris and Todd (coloskind and lvlndlthr) for dinner down in Denver after they saw Wicked. Had a fine time! They're good guys, and it was really nice to meet them. People's real-life voices and conversational styles are often vastly different than the mental voice you give them when you're reading their LJ posts, and I got to grapple with that mental dissonance for a little while.

A random amusement: there was a cute guy (apparently the sound guy for the show) at the diner, who looked over and smiled at our table a couple times when he was leaving, and then (sans companions) went past our window as he left, though it was the wrong sidewalk if he was heading back to the theater. So that was entertaining.