October 7th, 2005


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Yesterday at work I finished rebalancing (I think) the turn 3 proposals. Today was all about meetings and web redesign and determining that, happily, it is in fact a reasonable-seeming amount of work, given our deadline.

After work yesterday, I went over to Keith's for a little bit. Talked about Serenity and Wicked (which they went and saw last Sunday) and then we played a new WotC game he had. It's a betting cardgame (though you have only minimal control over the betting). The clever trick is that you win by having the highest-value cards showing, but all the cards also have special abilities that trigger only if your card is lower than the previous card played. I think clever strategy probably involves alternately winning and losing hands intentionally. It was fun; I lost quickly.

EIA (cough cough)

So I got confirmatory data today: I'm pretty sure I have exercise-induced asthma.

I had to run about a couple hundred yards to catch the bus, and it wasn't really difficult, but after I caught my breath a few minutes later, sure enough, there it was: that persistent, annoying, tickly, wheezy cough, especially when I breathe in deeply. The same cough I get if I exert myself when it's really cold outside.

Asthma plus flat feet. No wonder I hate aerobic exercise.

Does anybody else get this?