October 9th, 2005



For the party we're going to tomorrow, I'm making a dish that has a bunch of stuff baked inside a pumpkin, and I bought one at the store but it had a hole in the bottom and would have leaked. So I had to go back and buy another.

Also, we went out and had japanese for dinner, and I ate udon that disagreed with me. Then we went shopping at the asian grocery store, mostly to get mirin, but we had to get other stuff because they have a $10 minimum on credit card purchases. Why is the produce there so much cheaper than at the regular supermarket? That's what I want to know.

We watched Doctor Who (third story in the Key To Time series) while the broken pumpkin was baking. And I played a bunch of Dynasty Tactics 2 today.

And I slept in, because I had to stay up late last night getting some code to run at my machine on work before they took the connections to the outside world down this morning at 6 am.

I think I made up a new word for my title, but I might keep it.

Pumpkin for the entity

Entity birthday party today. We got to see toosuto, and secret_hippie and Rona, yay! And Scott & Carol and Heather (no Tom) and Ashlee(!) and lots of other folks, too, double yay!

It was rainy and gray today. But I still had to run out to pick up chile oil for one of the recipes (baked pumpkin filled with barley and beans and chickpeas and other peculiar things -- it turned out pretty tasty), and as I had suspected, it was A LOT cheaper at the asian market than the regular grocery store. By a factor of at least eight, I think. ($5 for a little 3ish-oz bottle vs. $1.75 for a 6-oz bottle.)

It was lovely to see people, and we got to see small chilluns in various costumery and goobermunch in his borrowed stormtrooper outfit, and hang out and eat tasty food.

One of the dishes I made (from my Essential Asian cookbook) turned out so well I thought I'd share it here:

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It was weird and very good and totally not what you think of when you say "pumpkin". Plus, pretty darn easy. So I recommend it to your mouth.