October 12th, 2005


miso hungry

I have decided that miso soup is one of the best post-dental foods there is.

(1) It's mostly liquid, and what's not liquid (tofu and green onions) is very soft.
(2) It has lots of protein (tofu again).
(3) And unlike almost everything else that's soft enough to eat when your jaw is all ouchy, it's salty, not sweet.

You can even eat it for breakfast, if you're feeling sufficiently nippophilic.

(Cheap store-brand pudding cups are also very good.)

percoset or tired?

I already knew that vicodin does basically nothing for me. I now suspect that percoset is also pretty useless. I took one this morning and I don't think it did much more than just taking the acetamenophen in it would have done.

Well, it might make me kind of spacy -- it was really hard to focus on my meeting this morning.

On the other hand, it could be that was just because I had to get up early after not enough sleep and emergency dental work yesterday, because I felt pretty spacy this afternoon, too, and I didn't take any pills at lunch.

Which is why I'm going to bed now, at 8:30 in the evening. I am totally wiped out.

At least my mouth is healing up nicely. I can eat real food again, as long as I chew on one side.