October 28th, 2005


(no subject)

Mel came over this evening and we played Arkham Horror (which Chris has loaned to us for a little while). It was fun! It was a little more challenging (we played with a couple house rules for new players) but also smoother with only four players.

I managed to implement a good half-dozen completely unrelated bug fixes, UI tweaks, and miscellaneous improvements today. I'm trying to do as much "polishing" as I can before (yikes!) the end of the day tomorrow, because on Sunday I'm off to DC for the Serious Games Summit. I also managed to finish off updating our homebrew CMS system for the website at work and hand it off to the other ad-hoc web committee people.

I'm really psyched for this conference, but it'll also be really nice not to need to feel frantic anymore.

Eight jillion little things to remember to do tomorrow, like "ask Olga to water my violets"...