November 3rd, 2005


DC sight-seeing

Yesterday, after I slept in and packed up and picked up my unzipped suitcase, spilling my clothes and the laptop all over the hotel room floor (d'oh!), I got an eary lunch/late breakfast at an Indian buffet and then wandered around Washington DC.

Last year I looked at sculpture and asian art; this year it was natural and American Collapse )

On the way back to the Metro, I was taking some assorted pictures, and I noticed that all the flags were at half-mast. I realized that it was for Rosa Parks, to honor a woman who said, basically, "your rules are not just, and the system isn't right, and I am [literally!] not going to stand for it" at a time when she and her fellows were not regarded as full human beings.

And I thought that was pretty cool, too.