November 6th, 2005


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We tried to go out to dinner tonight, but were denied. We wanted to spend the Dining Dollars that Mel gave Jerry, so our choices were constrained, and the first place wasn't taking them anymore, and the second place was closed (on a Saturday! Are they out of business?) and the third place had a 45-minute wait and Greg and Jerry were dying of hunger.

So we ate at a cheap pizza place instead, and will try again later.

The moral of the story being, when it comes to restaurants, check the website, not the piece of paper printed out a few months ago...

I'm spending the rest of my evening conquering China (i.e., playing Dynasty Tactics 2). I now have the Five Tiger Generals. Put them all in your army and they each get +10 morale at the beginning of the battle. The battle I'm currently fighting started with the enemy commander saying "Don't underestimate us! We have a plan!" To which my response is, "Does your plan involve me outnumbering you by 2 to 1, and completely kicking your ass? Because that's my plan."

conversations in my household

I just wanted to share that we started out talking about the fact that Herodotus is basically just like the elderly relative who doesn't quite get that not everything you hear on the Intarwebs is reliable information, and is constantly forwarding, say, the infamous Neiman-Marcus Cookie Recipe, except that he was the first guy EVER to do that, and we finished with "gravity is caused by ponies! Tiny gravity ponies race to the top of the atmosphere, where they meet up with the lunar gravity ponies from the moon, and they kick you as they go past because you're in the way and slowing them down, man, and that's what causes gravity. The moon ponies are much smaller, and that's why there are tides."

I love my partners. =)